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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
~ 8:33 PM ~
hmm... really happy for my secondary school fren Jenni.. SHE IS GETTING MARRIED... hahaha.... even though we seldom meet up.. like a few years than meets once. But I was really surprised she will invite me to her wedding.... Thanks ar... you are the first friend wedding I attended hahah.... Really hoped you have a blissful and happy family of your own ok... heheh... HAPPY HAPPY!!! oh in case I forgot to sms or comment on your FB HAPPY BIRTHDAY too... ahahha...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
~ 9:49 PM ~
woh.. ytd at my workplace almost got stuck in the lift by myself.. than the bad thing is that i didnt bring any handphone so can't contact anyone also... so ended up i press the alarm.. but for a while the lift is back to normal.. i was like -.-" hahaha... almost scared the hell out of me..

anyway today was abit tired don't know why ahha... maybe due to not enough sleep or wear contact lens for to long hahah...

anyway was at jen nephew birthday party on sat... wow she really has alot of relatives... very the BIG i can say hahaha... but its good to have a large family sometimes as it can be quite fun hahah... his small nephew is cute too hahaha... ok the big nephew also cute haha... but as they mostly talked bahasa so was like listening to alien language hahaha...

than after tt we youngsters went to Iluma to play L4D again but to bad for me there is no more available seats unless we wait for 45mins. So they went to play instead while i go to my niece birthday celebration. I was surprised that jen nephew and my small niece only 1 day difference ahaha... but the year is different hahha..

anyway i got nothing to update le.. wait till i have something to share than i will post again.. cya... =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010
~ 10:55 PM ~
welcome back to me.. haha... suddenly feel like blogging.. hahah... wow its been dono how many months since i grad from poly.. hhaaha... oh well.. have been wrking about 1 month plus now..... this job is quite interesting as i have lots of stuff to do at times.. but at the same time did quite alot of mistakes.. =( sometimes quite demoralising but have to overcome this issue. Hoped i can get the hang of it soon..

as for the food in my workplace not alot of food variety actually, maybe is due to my choosy taste hahaha... hoped tml time flies faster so that i can enjoy the weekend hahah...

recently have been addicted to playing l4d 2. It is quite fun when you played with a grp of friends. But don really like to play VS mode as it ends quicker than the story mode hehee... I also realised that I can't keep playing L4d for very long or else i will get a big headache. But still last sat i played at Iluma with my friend. The good thing at the LAN shop is that they had this headphone speaker that can talked through when playing with alot of ppl.. bagus hahah... I got to go zzz tml still has a long way to go hahaha... hoped i can maintain this blog again oh well hahaha....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
~ 5:37 PM ~
haha... its been damn long since i blog le.. hehe.. been really BUSY with school projects/ assignments and test.. my test for EA is damn hard to the core.. do not really have the time to finish every questions even though there is the cheat sheet... as the case study has 14 pages long it really gives me the hard to to find the related case to the questions.. damn it.. anyway its over and done with.. just hoped can pass I am satisfied..

After my test.. we had to attend Opportunity Fair for us so as to see what type of job we want after grad.. time flies.. haha... so took a lot of brochures to read to see what job i want to do.. And took a BIT photo with our course people even though not all are there... but still it is fun to take photos with them as memories.. wahah...

Anyway this year I have encountered a lot of stuff that I have never encountered before.. Hoped won't happen again.. Cos it really makes me dono what to do and angry at times but anyway for now is over.. As for the other want.. I won't say anything just hoped you know what you are doing can le as long as you don't regret.. and move on.. I know now will be hard for you.. but life still goes on.. hoped when you are at Malaysia you can relax yourself k.. Some day when it is time it will be the time.. as long as you are happy can le.. Even though there will be times you feel alone but try to think of brighter side bah... that is what i always tell myself.. haha... MUCKS!!!

Anyway soon I have to spring clean my house le.. damn sian.. hahah... master toilet and fridge is done left with my room and clothes.. haiz... hahah... jia you bah...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
~ 12:24 AM ~
wowowow... tml singin k.. haha.. its like damn long since i go sing k.. hahah.. today all of us was like doing all sorts of unglam and funny pics... using ish and rx camera.. haha... cool man.. oh anyway today i very blur.. went to school to print lec notes, but ended up i print the wrong lec notes.. i was like stupid of me man.. hahah... so now photostating the lec notes from ish.. haha.. thanks looh... eheh...

tml lucky only got EA lec.. at first got lesson but dono why this week don't hav EA lab.. so.. yah.. whaha.. shi0k man...

Friday, January 8, 2010
~ 9:52 PM ~
now very the sian and tired AH!!!.... got alot of projects man... piling and piling... even though you see my time table very slack but the fact is alot of assignments... than can't really focus on MP also... if they can reduce the amount of assignments, and more time on MP will be better man...

anyway today went for my last day of APEL.. haha.. good good haha.. nxt time no need to go back le.. hehe.. anyway this week got my results for BSIT and BISSA mid sem test paper le... the good thing is all i pass hahah... but still not good haha... so left with EA end sem test paper le... hoped this paper can pass also...

really thinking what is the next step after grad?? study?? work?? hmm but most probably is work but what type of industry i am still considering.. haiz.. another headache also... hahah... ok lah... better do my journal and reflective today or else die lo.. hahah... cya...

Friday, January 1, 2010
~ 1:39 PM ~
finally its 2010.. time really flies and I will be graduating soon... will really miss my TP friends man... hahha really had a great time celebrating the countdown with audrina, rui xin, jenny, yiru and ish.. hahah... oh and plus kang jia and her gf.. heheh...

actually thought will be staying at yiru house until very late.. but haha.. ended up the moment we finish watching the fire works at yiru's house, so was wearing very simple... ended up went to pub with rui xin as she needs to go there.. diao.. right hahah... didn't expect to happen also hahah...

anyway ordered martell... but was surprised by the price.. but its ok lah.. once in a blue moon.. actually told my mum that i would be back at maybe 1 or 2 plus in the morning... hahah but still left later around 4 plus with jenny.. lol... didn't really expect to that hailing a cab is so difficult during new year as most of the new year i will be stayin at home hehe.... so we walked until we finally hail a cab...

anyway lucky my mum didn't say much.. hehe...

Sunday, December 20, 2009
~ 10:24 PM ~
Today went out again but this time with my friend hehe.... went alot of places that is Bugis to repair my glasses, Funan IT Mall to collect free gift for my printer and buy cooler mat and Suntec.. haha... finally went to repair my glasses le.. and it's FOC.. haha.. but have to see whether they still have the stock else have to changed to another frame but with my old lens... hehe.. hoped they don't have stock.. than I can changed to another pair hehe...

Also brought a cooler mat for my lappy le... it really helps to reduce the heat man.. hahah... Eat quite alot today.. Ate Pepper Lunch for Lunch... but it's not full for me.. as I still feel like munching something so around 4 or 5 plus went to eat Tomato soup quite a big bowl actually.. quite nice.. hehe...

My mum was considering buying this camera model Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7

Don't know is it good or not.. any recommendation? haha... at first I didn't know its quite heavy until I try using it.. as becos of the lens, its heavy but its really clear when zooming.. was grumbling to my mum its quite heavy.. can changed to another model, I was surprised when I heard my mum say.. mum: or I buy this model, you see which Model you like I buy another one for you.. I was like stante for a moment, than I told her don't want lah.. for what buy so many cameras... haha...

~ 1:25 AM ~
wah.. today managed to wake up to join my cousin they all... haha.. but was forced to wake up by my mum lah.. ahah... but time flies man... brought a slipper from Everbest.. the most expensive slipper even though it has 30% haha...

went to the IT wholesale and the Bookfest.. Brought a book haha... but dono will i read the book or not haha... Really hoped to buy the Camera that my mum wants.. realised that it is quite heavy as its becos of the lens got 12 optical zoom... price $614 discounted.. so still waiting for the price to dropped somemore hehe...

Finally I brought my Stupid Cliq Christmas Present le... but hor hoped you all like it lah.. hehe... I find it quite interesting and cute.. hehe...

Was actually talking about some love issues with my mummy.. hehe... abit curious lah.. like was thinking how you know that your this partner is the right guy or gal for you.. hmm.. haha.. I think now a days seldom people will talked about issues like this to their mum or dads.. haha... anyway had a great time shopping and eating today.. hehe...

Now my mum going to start thinking of buyin a new car loh.. becos of the recent car accident.. haiz... really lucky my mum was not around.. or else I dono what i will do man...

can read up at this link:

Saturday, December 19, 2009
~ 1:22 AM ~
wahaha.. it's been ages since I blog.. haha... just had my break... but only for 2 weeks.. so short neh... But its like no holiday to me lah.. hahah... recently i heard from my fren from NP she until 4 Jan sch reopen.... shiok man.. because every time is I one week later than her sch reopen .. sian.. hahah... recently have been watching 終極三國 so now I am addictive to the songs... all my head was their songs... especially 曾沛慈 sings with 东城威.. hoped 曾沛慈 has her album soon.. than can go buy.. hehe... its been ages since I buy an album le.. hehe...

At first didn't want to watch 終極三國 as firstly I didn't really like to watch 終極一家 and 終極一班 as it is quite lame.. but later on I realise 曾沛慈 was acting in this show.. so ended up i still watch haha.... but quite nice.. hehe.. but now every week have to follow once abit sian neh...

hmm... for this whole week.. have been doing MP and going out... spend $40 plus on food neh... haha.. not within one day its two days so don worry.. tomorrow will maybe join my cousin family outing with my mummy.. IF I am able to wake up.. hahha...

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